Pee-Wee used

Article: I-PW


The PeeWee is a miniature electronic multishot based (30mm) on the same reliable technology as the DeviTool Standard. It comes with an integrated running gear and is ready to go as is, regardless of whether you want to survey open cased boreholes, grout curtains, blast holes, etc. Price: 10.000$

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The PeeWee uses three high-accuracy magnetometers and accelerometers. It records inclination, azimuth, toolface, temperature, gravity vector, magnetic field vector, magnetic dip angle, and battery status. Time intervals can be set from 5 seconds and up.The tool can handle pressures up to 300 bars. It is small enough (diameter 30 mm) to survey throughout the DeviDrill bit. This means your core barrel can stay inside the hole while the survey is performed in front of the bit.The PeeWee communicates with a PDA, and the results can be viewed on the PDA screen in field once the data is downloaded from the tool. The data can thereafter be further processed in DeviSoft, analyzed, plotted and reported to the client. Price: $10.000

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