Corewise saw 3 phases

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The Corewise automatic core saw is the latest development from the experienced people at Corewise and it brings with it the latest in safety and operational innovations.

Advantages of Corewise core saws include:

  • The only saw that will not jam in forward or reverse mode.
  • Constructed from both galvanised and stainless steel.
  • Has external grease points fitted for easy access.
  • Saw is fitted with dynamic braking for safety.
  • Control buttons have been fitted away from wet areas.
  • Saw has LCD screen which monitors both motors while operating.
  • LCD screen will advise operator on correct feed speed for various hardness of core.
  • Saw has no pusher lugs making feed system safer for operator.
  • New feed system allows operator to instantly feed core, increasing productivity.
  • New 110mm gully ensures core guide will not ride up while operating.
  • Saw will accept B to P W/L on the same core guide.
  • Guides with lids available for fractured core. B W/L, N W/L, H W/L, and P W/L.
  • The only saw in the world that will take PQ core guide with lids.
  • All internal bolts are stainless steel.
  • No accidents or incidents reported.


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