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GPS based drill alignment system.

The DeviSight is a portable, battery-powered system designed to make and record highly accurate measurements of azimuth and tilt planes at drilling sites. DeviSight is the most accurate and user-friendly GPS system on the market. The device uses GPS phase measurements to achieve azimuth alignment. Azimuth data can be easily transferred via Wi-Fi




The GPS signal is used to record the latitude and longitude data of the measured alignment. Highly accurate accelerometers allow alignment to be transmitted from a nearby location to, for example, adjust the alignment of the drill. The DeviSight’s rechargeable battery lasts over 10 hours when fully charged, which is twice the capacity of its closest competitor. Features: RECORDS STARTING AZIMUTH, LATITUDE, LONGITUDE, INCLINATION, DATE, AND TIME. THE MOST ACCURATE AND ROBUST SYSTEM IN ITS CATEGORY ON THE MARKET THE FINAL SURFACE POSITIONS ARE SAVED IN A SECURE FORMAT. Specifications: Azimuth accuracy: 0.5 degrees (accuracy up to 0.4 degrees) Tilt accuracy: +/- 0.1 degrees Azimuth measurement rate: 10 per sec.

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