Head Assy.

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Full Head assembly

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Assy. Head assembly J12-20-302 J12-20-402 J12-20-502 Add to cart
1 Spearhead point J12-22-301 Add to cart
2 Spiral pin (7/19 * 1’’) J12-22-305 Add to cart
3 Compression spring J12-21-302 Add to cart
4 Detent plunger J12-22-303 Add to cart
5 Spearhead base J12-22-304 J12-22-404 J12-22-504 Add to cart
6 & 7 Spring pin (1/2 * 2’’) J12-21-303 J12-21-403 J12-21-503 Add to cart
8 Latch retrac􀆟 ng case J12-21-306 J12-22-406 J12-21-506 Add to cart
9 Spiral pin (1/2 * 1 3/4’’) J12-21-302 J12-21-402 J12-21-502 Add to cart
11 Latch spring J12-21-304 J12-21-404 J12-21-504 Add to cart
12 Latch (2) J12-21-305 J12-21-405 J12-21-505 Add to cart
14 Latch body assy. J12-21-309 J12-21-409 J12-21-509 Add to cart
15 Upper latch body J12-21-309-1 J12-21-409-1 J12-21-509-1 Add to cart
16 Landing shoulder J12-21-309-2 J12-21-409-2 J12-21-509-2 Add to cart
17 Lower latch body J12-21-309-3 J12-21-409-3 J12-21-509-3 Add to cart
10 Indicator bushing J12-21-309-4 J12-21-409-4 J12-21-509-4 Add to cart
18 Adjus􀆟 ng nut 1’’ J12-21-310 J12-21-410 J12-21-510 Add to cart
19 Spindle J12-21-311 J12-21-411 J12-21-511 Add to cart
20 Shut-off valve J12-21-312 J12-21-412 J-12-21-512 Add to cart
21 Washer J12-21-313 J12-21-413 J12-21-513 Add to cart
22 Thrust bearing J12-21-314 J12-21-414 J12-21-514 Add to cart
23 Spindle bearing J12-21-315 J12-21-415 J12-21-515 Add to cart
24 Hanger bearing J12-21-324 J12-21-424 J12-21-524 Add to cart
25 Compression spring J12-21-316 J12-21-416 J12-21-516 Add to cart
26 Lock nut 3/4’’ J12-21-317 J12-21-417 J12-21-517 Add to cart
28 22 mm Ball J12-21-321 J12-21-421 J12-21-421 Add to cart
30 Inner tube cap assy. J12-21-323 J12-21-423 J12-21-523 Add to cart
1,2,3 & 4 Spearhead point kit J12-21-301K Add to cart
2,3,7 & 9 Head assy, pin kit J12-21-403K Add to cart
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