Liquid Filled Center Back Mount Pressure Gauge

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Liquid filled gauges are well suited for hydraulic, oil and gas, pressure wash, and process systems. The liquid provides significant cushioning to reduce pointer flutter and internal damage. Center back mount gauges are available by specifying “-CBM” after PG in the part number. Center back mount gauges can be ordered with a U-clamp or front flange mounting option. For best results when selecting a gauge, choose a calibration pressure that is in the middle range of the gauge (between the ten o’clock and two o’clock position of the dial). Remember to prick a hole or cut the tip off of the vent plug to bring the internal pressure back to atmospheric pressure. Finally, ensure all gauges are mounted upright to avoid fluid leakage.


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2 1/2"X0.25"X2000PSI, 4"X0.25"X2000PSI

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